Myths And Truths About Online Pokies

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With pokies machines being popular more than a century, it is normal and expected that there are a lot of myths related to them. People tend to make up and believe many misconceptions, many of them being related to luck and to the games of fortune. These seem to have become even more numerous with the appearance of online pokies. Here are some of the most common myths about this game:

The payout percentage can be changed every day

This is not true either for land-based or for online pokies. Reputable online casinos have their terms, conditions and policy, and their operating license is based on them. If the online casino changed the payout percentage on daily basis, not much time would pass before it became closed for business and proclaimed illegal.

montezuma-slot-gsThe odds are better if there was no jackpot winner for a while

The odds with pokies are always the same. It has nothing to do with the number of games or the frequency of playing, but it is actually pure math and statistics. Each spin is independent of the previous and the next one, no matter how many times they spin.

The odds are better if your bet is higher

This is another common misconception. As previously mentioned, every spin is completely independent of all the others before and after it. Therefore, no matter if you bet 1 dollar or 100 dollars, keep in mind that your chance of winning will always be exactly the same. However, the way to actually increase your chances is playing more than one payline, so rather than investing higher bets, try playing different paylines simultaneously.

how-to-play-slots-onlineThere are tricks to win the jackpot

If there really were tricks to cheat the pokies machine and win the jackpot, the casino owners would have to be crazy to still offer this kind of game. There are people selling systems for cheating online pokies, but be sure that these are all scams that only serve to cheat you and take your money for nothing. If you have to rely on something when playing pokies, it is better to rely on pure luck than on these systems.

There is a better and worse time of day to win

Absolutely not. Online pokies don’t know what time of day it is, and they offer you the same chance of winning (or losing) no matter when you decide to play and no matter how many players are online at the moment.

You can tell whether the symbols will take the payline depending on their current position

imagesThis is quite a common myth. Once again, the spins are completely random and separate from one another, so there is nothing to help you predict whether there is going to be the jackpot or not. The combination of symbols is determined by a random number generating device the moment you click the button, and the spinning of reels is there just for the show.

If you want to play online pokies wisely and cold-headed, make sure not to trust any myths and misconceptions. Do not let the emotions and common beliefs lead you through the game, but trust your knowledge, common sense and of course – your luck.